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Which PhD prizes does the GBM award?

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Doctoral Award of the GBM, GBM Doctoral Award and Karl Lohmann Doctoral Award.

These prizes for young scientists are awarded for the best doctoral theses on biochemical or molecular biological topics. The PhD prizes are each endowed with 1,500 euros. The thesis to be awarded must not have been written more than two years ago at the time of the closing date.

Dissertations leading to a doctorate at a German university may be submitted. Self-applications are possible as well as proposals from supervisors. The decisive factor is the above-average quality of the work; membership in the GBM is not a prerequisite.

The GBM PhD Prize and the Karl Lohmann PhD Prize are awarded alternately.

The PhD prizes are awarded during the Mosbach Colloquium of the GBM. The announcement will be published in BIOspektrum 4 to 7.

Proposals for all prizes can be sent to the GBM Prize Secretariat, Prof. Claus Seidel, by November 30 of each year.

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