GBM Lunch

Remco Sprangers: Structural biology beyond static structures - the importance of dynamics for function


Remco Sprangers


Speaker: Remco Sprangers, Institut für Biophysik und physikalische Biochemie, Universität Regensburg

Nicola Bopp, Universität Regensburg
Alexander Eing, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Organizers: Junior GBM

Proteins are inherently flexible molecules, nevertheless, the structural description of proteins is often limited to single snapshots. These static snapshots provide important insights into protein function, but are not always able to fully describe bio-molecular processes. Indeed, protein motions are indispensable for allostery and for enzymes, that have to undergo structural rearrangements to perform biological tasks. In our lab, we make use of solution state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods that can quantitatively probe motions in large molecular machines. In this talk, I will provide a background of the methodology that we use and will provide examples of projects where we have been able to directly link protein motions with function.