GBM Young Investigators

Our Approach

As a subgroup within the GBM, we aim for a close connection to events provided by the GBM. As one central activity, we regularly organize a satellite meeting in the frame of the Mosbacher Kolloquium during which:

  • A plenary discussion with policy-makers is organized.
  • A chance to present your work is provided, both within the Kolloquium as well as to members of the Junior-GBM.
  • Interactions with scientists at the same career stage is easily possible.
  • Relevant information on funding in Germany and Europe is provided, with the opportunity to interact with successful applicants of different funding schemes.

In addition, we are undertaking strong efforts in organizing focused events for information and the development of skills relevant to our career stage. This happens in the frame of workshops, organized meetings, panel discussions and others. Such events for example cover training on professorial application, presentation and appeal hearing as well as interactions with selected members of industrial key players. You can find a list of present, future and past events below.


GBM Young Investigators

YI @ Biological Chemistry

In a well-established joint venture with the journal Biological Chemistry (DeGruyter), the YI have since 2019 successfully organized four highlight issues, in which current or future young junior group leaders illustrate the broad range of molecular biology and biochemistry research taking place in Germany.  The review or original articles are guest-edited by members of the steering board and can be found here:

Part 1 (2019),

Part 2 (2019)

Part 3 (2021)

Part 4 (2022)

The next YI special issue is scheduled for 2024 and will again be guest-edited by us. Further information and an official call for abstracts will be announced.


GBM Young Investigators

YI @ Biospektrum

The YI regularly appear in the journal Biospektrum, where we e.g. report on our group and activities:

Did you know?

The journal Biospektrum also serves as an ideal platform to promote the group of YI in showing their research activities, as exemplified here:

As a young researcher you can benefit from this platform and showcase your work/lab/collaborations within the Biospektrum. Just contact us or directly the journal ( to find out more.


GBM Young Investigators

Our Goals

We aim to establish a network of senior Postdocs and young group leaders, which provides a framework for interaction, discussion and concerted actions. By doing so, we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a means to learn from the experience of others at a similar career stage, to network, interact and collaborate
  • Establish a platform for the interaction with decision makers in science, politics and funding organizations
  • Organize professional, tailored mentoring for the next career step
  • Give an opportunity to present your work – in front of your peers, senior colleagues and potential future coworkers
  • Provide information and support on funding in Germany and Europe
  • Provide support during the (re-)integration into the German research environment
  • Act as professional advisors for members of the Junior-GBM groups

GBM Young Investigators

YI @ Industry

You want to connect your research with leading industry scientists? Leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will host 10-15 young researchers to establish personal connections, to exchange ideas, discuss exciting new science and to find common ground for potential novel collaborations. Make use of this unique opportunity to connect with a leading life science company on a personal level and network for possible future academia-industry collaborations with your lab.

In 2022 the GBM Young Investigators had organized an industry event together with Roche.

Past Events:
2022 - YI @ Roche
2020 - YI @ Merck
2017 - YI @ Boehringer Ingelheim


GBM Young Investigators

YI @ GBM Conferences

Panel Discussion "From Science to Business - Challenges and opportunities“ during the 74th Mosbacher Kolloquium

On March 23, 2023 the GBM working group “Young Investigators” kindly invites all interested participants of the Mosbacher Kolloquium to a podium discussion about the do’s and don’ts you have to consider when planning your own start-up company.

Do you have a great, innovative idea and a smart team? Do you ask yourself what made some entrepreneurs fail and some successful?

The GBM Young Investigators invited experts from the start-up- and entrepreneurial field to give advice and to discuss the challenges and pitfalls.

To the Website of the Mosbacher Kolloquium.


GBM Young Investigators

YI @ GBM Lunch

The GBM YI are actively participating in the well-perceived digital GBM lunch seminars. Find here more information and the actual schedule. Speakers invited and hosted by the YI since the start of lunch meetings are:

  • Sunny Sharma (Rutgers University, USA)
  • Andrea Kneuttinger (University of Regensburg)
  • Hauke Hillen (MPI Göttingen)
  • Cornelia Kilchert (JLU Gießen)
  • Jirka Peschek (University of Heidelberg)
  • Anna-Lena Steckelberg (Columbia University, USA)
  • Gerald Lackner (HKI Jena)
  • Susan Schlimpert (JIC Norwich, UK)

GBM Young Investigators

YI Mentoring-Program

This mentoring program is aimed at young group leaders within the GBM and is intended to support and advise them on their way to an independent academic career. Experienced scientists will act as mentors to guide young group leaders in the efficient development of their scientific career and the acquisition of important key competences, help them in establishing professional networks as well as provide guidance in the preparation of job applications. Participating GBM Young Investigators will in turn mentor a PhD student or postdoc from the Junior-GBM network.

Who can apply: GBM Young Investigators (below age 45)
Application deadline: There is no deadline. Just send us your application package.
Program duration: 2 years, with 2-3 meetings per year

Please send the completed application form together with a short CV to

Please contact for further questions.


GBM Young Investigators

Our Motivation

The years immediately before and during the initial period of an independent group leader position make up one of the most productive, yet most critical phases in a scientist’s career. Exchanging experiences with peers, opportunities to interact and collaborate, in particular during the (re-) integration into the German research environment, as well as reliable funding are key ingredients for success. This is particularly true given the rapidly ongoing changes within the European research environment, which increasingly calls for earlier independence. At the same time, the transition into a permanent leader position, be it academic or industrial, requires an ever broader repertoire of skills beyond scientific excellence and a strong network for support.

GBM Young Investigators

YI Success Stories

We here provide a few examples of (former) GBM YI members and show how versatile they have continued their careers. Our current and previous members will always be available for discussion and exchange, either in an organized manner (watch out for Upcoming events) or upon individual contact.

Prof. Dr. Robert Ernst (Saarland University)

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Lang (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Feige (Technical University Munich)

Prof. Dr. Janosch Hennig (University of Bayreuth)

Prof. Dr. Tobias Stauber (Medical School Hamburg)

Prof. Dr. Angelika Harbauer (Technical University Munich)

Prof. Dr. Vera Kozjak-Pavlovic (Würzburg University)

Prof. Dr. Lisa Münter (McGill University)

Dr. Melina Neumann-Schaal (DSMZ Braunschweig)


GBM Young Investigators

YI @ Workshops

On November 29th this year, we are organizing our first online workshop on:

“Forschungsförderung strategisch nutzen”

The increasing competitive pressure within the German and international science system has led to scientists applying for funding with projects in ever shorter periods of time. However, not every program is equally useful to realize own goals or plans of faculties, institutes or universities.

This workshop aims to provide participants with information and orientation to help them apply for and use funding for science and research strategically.

The event combines the following elements:

  • The definition of short-, medium- and longer-term goals to be achieved with the help of research funding,
  • The overview of funding instruments that are suitable for the respective objectives,
  • The discussion of program requirements and perspectives of funding institutions and reviews,
  • The drafting and discussion of own exposés, which can serve as the basis for an application.

Lecturer: Dr. Beate Scholz, Scholz CTC GmbH

Language of the workshop: German

The workshop will be subsidized by GBM, so that participation of 8 members of the working group is possible for the low own contribution of only 125€ (instead of 449€).

If you are interested, please send the following information under the subject “Workshop: Forschungsförderung strategisch nutzen” to: by May 15, 2022:

  1. full name and position
  2. CV
  3. website of the lab
  4. a short letter of motivation (max. 150 words).

Based on this information, we will make a selection and inform about the decision by June 15 at the latest.

Please note: A membership in the Young Investigators working group is required for the application. If you are not a member yet, you can easily join us via the corresponding link: Just scroll down!

We are looking forward to your application