Molecular Biosciences degree programs

The table aims to provide pupils but also bachelor students with a first orientation for the choice of a study program at German universities.

In the field of biological sciences, the courses of study listed here are mainly devoted to the teaching of molecular fundamentals and the skills to study them.
The classical study of biology is distinct from this. Here, a diversity of naming is currently developing, which is difficult to cover with a single keyword.

Stadt Studiengang Abschluss Universität  
Aachen Molekulare und Angewandte Biotechnologie Bachelor Technische Universität Aachen
Aachen Molekulare und Angewandte Biotechnologie Master Technische Universität Aachen
Bayreuth Biochemie Bachelor Universität Bayreuth
Bayreuth Biochemie und Molekulare Biologie Master Universität Bayreuth
Berlin Biotechnologie Bachelor Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin Biophysik Bachelor Humboldt Universität Berlin
Berlin Biochemie Bachelor Freie Universität Berlin
Berlin Molekulare Lebenswissenschaften Master Humboldt Universität Berlin
Berlin Molecular Medicine Master Charité
Berlin Biophysik Master Humboldt Universität Berlin