Study Group Chemical Biology

The elucidation and modulation of molecular biological processes, including the interactions and functions of proteins, by developing and employing 'chemical tools' (e.g. small molecules) is the principal task of Chemical Biology.

In 2005 the Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA e.V.), the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG e.V.), the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM e.V.), and the German Chemical Society (GDCh e.V.) founded the Joint Working Group Chemical Biology. The GBM study group Chemical Biology is led by GBM representatives on the board of the Joint Working Group. The speaker team of the GBM study group is committed to ensuring that the study group actively participates in GBM and Joint Working Group events. To this end, the GBM study group participates frequently, among other activities, in the Fall Meeting of the GBM (e.g. “Molecular Basis of Life, 2022).

The main event of the Joint Working Group Chemical Biology is the biannual symposium “Advances in Chemical Biology”, organized since 2005 (called 'Status Seminar Chemical Biology' until 2018). Often, these symposiums include tutorial workshops on different topics. The Joint Working Group also supports efforts to initiate national and European interdisciplinary networks and research programs in Chemical Biology like EU-OPENSCREEN.

The Joint Working Group Chemical Biology awards the Richard Willstätter Prize for Chemical Biology, which honours outstanding long-time achievements of an established scientist, whose interdisciplinary work decisively contributed to a deeper understanding of chemical-biological processes. The German Chemical Biology Lectureship is awarded by the Joint Working Group to young scientists working outside Germany whose original and creative approaches are stimulating research in Chemical Biology.

Members of the societies can join the Joint Working Group Chemical Biology without additional fees. Please download the application form (in German)

Prof. Dr. Maja Köhn
Universität Freiburg
BIOSS-Center for Biological Signalling
Studies und Biologie III
Schänzlestr. 18
79104 Freiburg
P. +49 761 20367900

Prof. Dr. Felix Hausch
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Clemens-Schöpf-Inst./FB 07/Biochemie
Alarich-Weiss-Str. 4
64287 Darmstadt
P. +49 6151 1621230