About the GBM


The GBM was founded in 1947 as the Society for Physiological Chemistry and was formed by splitting off from the German Physiological Society. The aim was to give the large field of physiological chemistry a strong representation of interests.

Today, the GBM is the largest bioscientific society in Germany. It offers its approximately 5000 members from universities, research institutes and industry a strong external representation of interests towards politics, industry and the public, as well as opportunities for international cooperation. Internally, the GBM opens up numerous opportunities for networking and the promotion of scientific careers.


  • Promotion of research and teaching in the field of biochemistry and in the molecular biosciences, in particular through Lobbying, statements on current educational and scientific policy issues, public relations work.
  • Support and promotion of young scientists through networking, educational information, awarding of scientific prizes, scholarships and travel grants to conferences.
  • Promotion of networking among members through the formation of scientific networks (study groups, working groups, international conferences, Junior GBM, AK Young Investigators).
  • Cooperation with national and international societies such as FEBS, IUBMB, EMBO etc.

The GBM in numbers

The GBM represents about 5000 members from universities, research institutions and industry. About 1500 of them have the privileged status of young members: students, PhD students and young scientists under 32 years of age.

About 1200 professors and almost 200 private lecturers for life science subjects belong to our professional society.

The GBM membership reflects a broad spectrum of scientific qualifications: After biochemistry, in which about 1700 GBM members have graduated or are pursuing a degree, biology (1600) and chemistry (950) are the most common fields of study, followed by medicine (400). In addition, the ranks of GBM include biotechnologists, molecular physicians, human biologists, bioinformaticians, pharmacists, nutritionists, physicists, veterinarians and many other professions.

A network of about 100 contact persons represents the GBM at universities and companies throughout Germany.
19 study groups provide information and professional exchange on special fields and areas of interest.

The GBM communicates its work and interests in the member journal BIOspektrum, which is published seven times a year. Through umbrella organizations such as AWMF, FEBS and IUBMB, it contributes to the shaping of the research and teaching environment of the relevant disciplines.

Geschichte der GBM

Ursprung der GBM

Die GBM ist eine traditionsreiche Gesellschaft mit einer langen Geschichte, ihre Wurzeln reichen bis in das 19. Jahrhundert zurück.


Ernst Auhagen, von 1959 bis 1983 Schriftführer und Schatzmeister der Gesellschaft, verfasste zum 40. Jahrestag des Bestehens der Gesellschaft einen historischen Rückblick. Dieser ist hier, leicht gekürzt und aktualisiert, in der folgenden pdf-Datei wiedergegeben.


1947 Gründung
1950 Erstes Mosbacher Kolloquium
1963 Erste Otto-Warburg-Medaille an Feodor Lynen
1964 Gründungsmitglied der Federation of European Biochemical Societies
1966 Neuer Name: Gesellschaft für biologische Chemie
  Erste Diplom-Biochemiker in Deutschland
1969 1000stes Mitglied
1975 Erste Studiengruppe ‘Bioenergetik’
1976 X. International Congress of Biochemistry in Hamburg
1989 3000stes Mitglied
1991 Vereinigung der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie mit der Biochemischen Gesellschaft der DDR
1992 100ste Studiengruppenkonferenz
1995 Gründung BIOspektrum
1996 Umbenennung in Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie
1999 5000stes Mitglied
Ehemalige Vorstandsmitglieder der GBM
  Präsident/in 1. Vizepräsident/in 2. Vizepräsident/in Schriftführer Schatzmeister
1947-1953 K.Felix K.Thomas   E. Schütte E. Schütte
1953-1956 K.Felix F.Lynen   E. Schütte E. Schütte
1956-1959 K.Felix E.Klenk   E. Schütte E. Schütte
1959-1962 E.Klenk G.Weitzel   E.Auhagen E.Auhagen
1962-1965 E. Schütte G.Weitzel   E.Auhagen E.Auhagen
1965-1967 Th. Bücher O.Westphal   E.Auhagen E.Auhagen
1967-1969 O.Westphal O.Wieland   H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1969-1971 O.Wieland H.Holzer O.Westphal H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1971-1973 H.Holzer E.Helmreich O.Wieland H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1973-1975 E.Helmreich H.G.Zachau H.Holzer H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1975-1977 H.G.Zachau K.Decker E.Helmreich H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1977-1979 K.Decker H.G.Wittmann H.G.Zachau H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1979-1981 H.G.Wittmann W.Stoffel K.Decker H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1981-1983 W.Stoffel R.Jaenicke H.G.Wittmann H.Gibian E.Auhagen
1983-1985 R.Jaenicke E.-L.Winnacker W.Stoffel H.Gibian E.Truscheit
1985-1987 E.-L.Winnacker D.Oesterhelt R.Jaenicke H.Gibian E.Truscheit
1987-1989 D.Oesterhelt H.Simon E.-L.Winnacker H.Gibian E.Truscheit
1989-1991 H.Simon G. Maaß D.Oesterhelt K.Beaucamp E.Truscheit
1991-1993 G. Maaß H.Michel H.Simon K.Beaucamp G.Seidl
1993-1995 H.Michel W.Neupert G. Maaß K.Beaucamp H. Metzger
1995-1997 W. Neupert H. Betz H.Michel K.Beaucamp H. Metzger
1997-1999 H. Betz K. Sandhoff W. Neupert U. Brandt H. Metzger
1999-2001 K. Sandhoff F. Scheller H. Betz U. Brandt H. Metzger
2001-2003 F. Scheller F.-U. Hartl K. Sandhoff U. Brandt H. Follmann
2003-2005 F.-U. Hartl F. Wieland F. Scheller U. Brandt H. Follmann
2005-2007 F. Wieland A. Wittinghofer F.-U. Hartl U. Brandt H. Follmann
2007-2009 A. Wittinghofer N. Pfanner F. Wieland U. Brandt W. E. Trommer
2009-2011 N. Pfanner I. Sinning A. Wittinghofer U. Brandt W. E. Trommer
2011-2013 I. Sinning R. Goody N. Pfanner U. Brandt W. E. Trommer
2013-2015 R. Goody J. Buchner I. Sinning J. Alves W. E. Trommer
2015-2017 J. Buchner J. Herrmann R. Goody J. Alves W. E. Trommer
2017-2019 J. Herrmann A. Beck-Sickinger J. Buchner J. Alves W. E. Trommer
2019-2021 A. Beck-Sickinger B. Schwappach-Pignataro J. Herrmann J. Alves A. Sickmann
Ehemalige Vorstandsmitglieder der Biochemischen Gesellschaft der DDR
  Vorsitzender Stellvertreter Schatzmeister Sekretär
1962-1965 Lohmann, Karl     Scheuch, Dieter
1965 1967 Frunder, Horst     Scheuch, Dieter
1967-1971 Hofmann, Eberhard Mücke, Dietrich   Richter, Günter
1971-1974 Rapoport, Samuel M. Bielka, Heinz Kunz, Wolfgang Richter, Günter
1974-1979 Rapoport, Samuel M. Richter, Günter Kunz, Wolfgang Michel, Siegbert
1979-1983 Müller, Fritz Richter, Günter Kunz, Wolfgang Michel, Siegbert
1983-1986 Aurich, Harald Richter, Günter Kunz, Wolfgang Michel, Siegbert
1986-1989 Aurich, Harald Richter, Günter Kunz, Wolfgang Frömmel, Cornelius
1989-1991 Hofmann, Eberhard Dargel, Rolf Michel, Siegbert