Contact Persons

The "contact persons" are the contact for GBM at individual universities and at industrial companies.

They provide information about GBM meetings, FEBS and IUBMB events.

They help young members with applications for support from the GBM travel fund.

They advise and assist students in establishing junior GBM city groups and organizing events.

They provide information about GBM membership.

They organize GBM Lectures.

First name Last name Company City  
Georg Reiser Universität Magdeburg Magdeburg
Jochen Renzing Roche Diagnostics GmbH Penzberg
Reinhard Walther Universität Greifswald, Med. Fak. Greifswald
Rolf Heumann Universität Bochum Bochum
Manfred Focke Karlsruher Inst. für Technologie (KIT) Karlsruhe
Mark Stitt MPI für Molek.Pflanzenphysiologie Golm
Lars-Oliver Essen Universität Marburg Marburg
Arne Skerra Technische Universität München Freising
Carsten Hopf Hochschule Mannheim Mannheim
Klaudia Giehl Universität Gießen Gießen