Working Group History of Biochemistry

Friedrich Miescher and Eduard Buchner, Otto Meyerhof, Otto Warburg and Fritz Lipmann, Hans Krebs and Karl Lohmann: The names of many great researchers from the history of biochemistry are familiar even to people unfamiliar with the subject - after all, metabolic pathways, reactions, university buildings and prestigious awards are named after them.

But how did the great pioneers of the past obtain their insights? In what world of ideas did they grow up, what concepts and events shaped their thinking? With what means and under what external conditions did they conduct research? These - and related - questions will be addressed by the "History of Biochemistry" working group.

"Today, we take a lot for granted that the great minds in our field had to work hard for," says the founder of the working group, Eberhard Hofmann. "How they managed to do that, with an incredible amount of creativity, energy and tenacity, is something about which many exciting stories can be found. Tragic ones, too - just think of the numerous persecuted Jewish biochemists."

Suggestions for topics, ideas and voluntary contributions are always welcome.

Currently there are no events.

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