Working Group Senior Experts

During the Mosbacher Kolloquium 2018, the working group (Arbeitskreis, AK) "Senior Experts in the GBM" was founded (photo). The concept of the founding members is to maintain and strengthen ties to GBM for emeritus and retired GBM members who wish to continue to contribute to GBM with their lifelong experience in research, teaching, and scientific organization.

It was decided by GBM to significantly reduce the conference fee for retirees at GBM meetings starting in 2019. The background is that active scientists usually have to bear hardly any of their own costs at conferences, whereas retirees have to pay for all costs themselves.

The members of the AK "Senior Experts" are often involved in other AKs, especially advisory roles in the AKs "Study of Molecular Biosciences" and "Biochemistry in Medicine" and can thus pass on their enthusiasm for the subject to younger members in an authentic way.

Other topics discussed in Mosbach were: Use of competencies in accreditations or in proposals for the design of study programs. Regarding activities abroad, Brigitte Schmitz (Bonn; had presented her involvement in setting up biochemistry teaching in the Congo from her own experience. Decisive for the success was the facilitation of stays of several months over several years by the DAAD. It was discussed to support academic biochemical training in Africa, for example, in a coordinated way on site by bringing in our knowledge. The Senior Expert Service ( also mediates here.

In any case, we look forward to seeing you at future conferences in Mosbach. Georg Reiser (Magdeburg) and Rolf Heumann (Bochum) are also available for suggestions and proposals.


Prof. Dr. Georg Reiser

Prof. Dr. Rolf Heumann