GBM Awards Event

Abstract Alexander Hauser

Computational receptor biology - Data science approaches to new physiological hormone discovery and towards and understanding of individual drug response variation.

The explosion of biomedical data such as in genomics, structure biology and pharmacology can provide new opportunities to improve our understanding of human physiology and disease. However, high-throughput black box analyses have shown to predict weakly and to give limited novel insights. Hence, the strength lays in targeted combination and integration of diverse datasets in conjunction with expertise in a selected biological system. G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) mediate a vast variety of critical biological processes and are targeted by around one-third of all approved drugs. Here, I want to present three examples from my PhD work on how to harness the biodata revolution on i) the identification of new trends in GPCR drug discovery, ii) on the discovery of novel human endogenous signaling systems, and iii) on a new perspective of how subtle human genetic variations can imbalance drug response.