Arbeitskreis Young Investigators

GBM Young Investigators
Andreas, Julia, Christina, Antje, Christof, Inge, Jürgen, Kersten, Andreas (lo->ru)

Our Motivation
One of the most productive yet most critical phases in a scientist’s career comes immediately before and during the initial years after obtaining an independent group leader position. Exchanging experiences with peers, opportunities to interact and collaborate, in particular during the (re-)integration into the German research environment as well as reliable funding are key ingredients for success. This is particularly true given the changing European research environment, which increasingly calls for earlier independence.
Our Goals
We aim to establish a network of senior Postdocs and young group leaders, which provides a framework for interaction, discussion and concerted actions. By doing so, we hope to achieve the following goals:
Provide a means to learn from the experience of others at a similar career stage, to network, interact and collaborate
Establish a platform for the interaction with decision makers in science, politics and funding organizations
Give an opportunity to present your work – in front of your peers, senior colleagues and potential future coworkers
Provide information and support on funding in Germany and Europe
Provide support during the (re-)integration into the German research environment
Our Approach
As a novel subgroup within the GBM, we will aim for a close connection to events organized by the GBM. We will thus organize a satellite meeting preceding each Mosbacher Kolloquium during which:
A plenary discussion with policy-makers will be organized
A chance to present your work will be provided – within the Kolloquium as well as to Members of the Junior GBM
Interactions with scientists at the same career stage will be easily possible
We will furthermore provide information on relevant funding in Germany and Europe with the opportunity to interact with successful applicants within different funding schemes.

GBM Young Investigators: connecting your research with leading pharma scientists

In June 2022 Roche Diagnostics GmbH, a leading science and biotechnology company, will host 10-15 young researchers to establish personal connections, to exchange ideas, discuss exciting new science and to find common ground for potential novel academia-industry collaborations.

If you are a postdoc or a young group leader interested in establishing ties with scientists and decision makers at Roche Diagnostics GmbH, please submit your application at the latest by April 3th, 2022.

Successful candidates will be able to attend the 2-day workshop hosted by Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Penzberg. After an introductory session and an informal get-together dinner on June 29th, you will have the opportunity to present your research and learn about ongoing activities at Roche, but also to network within a small group of participants.

This event is organized by the GBM Young Investigators. To be eligible you have to be a member of the GBM and the work group GBM young investigators.


  • Artificial intelligence in biologics research and in-silico protein structure prediction
  • Genetic tools and methods (gene therapy, CRISPR/Cas9 applications, cell line engineering)
  • Tumor biology and progression, tumor metastasis and heterogeneity
  • Single molecule analyses (interaction analysis, detection technologies, sequencing technologies)
  • Single cell detection and sorting methods (circulating cancer cells, tools for antibody maturation, screening tools)
  • New technologies for diagnostics (point of care and self-testing, non-invasive testing, implantable biosensors, enzyme based methods)

Make use of this unique opportunity to connect with a leading biotechnology company on a personal level, exchange scientific ideas and network for possible future academia-industry collaborations with your lab.

Submit your non-confidential application document via email to

Application deadline: April 3th 2022

Information of successful applicants: beginning of May 2022

Event dates: June 29th (afternoon) & June 30th (whole day) 2022

The event is held in accordance with 2G rules.

Aktuell sind keine Termine vorhanden.


Jürgen Lassak
Akademischer Rat
Universität München

Deputy Spokesman
Andreas Schlundt
Goethe University Frankfurt

Our Team
Antje Ebert
Group leader
Georg August University Göttingen

Inge Kühl
CNRS Researcher
CNRS Paris

Christof Osman
Group leader
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Kersten S. Rabe
Group leader
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Andreas Reiner
Ruhr University Bochum

Christina E. Weinberg
Universität Leipzig